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Counseling Services

Perinatal Palliative Care

SilverLeaf is the only free-standing Perinatal Palliative Care Program in the state of Maryland. 

Our specialized counselors will help parents process and cope with a devastating diagnosis. A difficult pregnancy diagnosis comes with many confused feelings, lots of questions, and intense fears and anxieties. Many families struggle to make a decision about what is best for their family and what the future may hold.


Our providers allow parents the time and space to make decisions about what is best for their family in a judgement free environment as well helping parents to navigate the health care system and serve as an advocate for parent's wishes. Whether parents decide to continue a pregnancy or meet their baby early.

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"Do not judge the bereaved mother. She comes in many forms. She is breathing, but she is dying. She may look young, but inside she has become ancient. She smiles, but her heart sobs. She walks, she talks, she cooks, she cleans, she works, she is, but she is not, all at once. She is here, but part of her is elsewhere for eternity." - Unknown Author

Perinatal and Infant Death

If you or a partner have suffered the loss of a miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn, we invite you to come and receive specialized counseling  to honor the precious life gone too soon. 

Perinatal death is commonly misunderstood and minimized in our society. It can lead us to feel very isolated and unsure of how to move forward as everyone around you seems to do. 

SilverLeaf counselors are specially trained not only as clinical psychotherapists, but they are also certified in perinatal loss care. This counseling practice is the only practice in the state of Maryland that specializes in Perinatal and Neonatal Death. 

Perinatal & Postpartum Depression

Are you struggling with depressed mood and/or anxiety that keeps you from functioning normally either during pregnancy or within the first year after giving birth? There is hope. Many women find the perinatal and postpartum time period to be difficult and are not only coping with physical shifts in their hormones and body chemistry, but also preparing mentally and emotionally for a shift in their current and personal family functioning. 

Do you wish to try alternative therapies before medication? 

Many women are successful in overcoming some of their depressed mood and/or anxiety through counseling and/or other holistic therapies, gaining insight about themselves and becoming more informed with their own expectations. 

Are you interested in discussing or have you already started medication? 

Research shows the combination of antidepressants and talk therapy greatly reduces signs and symptoms of depression. In addition, your therapist will be able to track your depression and moods with your provider to find the right medication and dosage for you. 

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Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Struggling with everyday life while trying to cope with anxiety, depression, or both can make each day feel difficult to take on. Guidance through finding the right ways to manage this can be key to lifting the pressure that weighs you down.

Support Group

Couples & Family Counseling

Are you and your partner having a difficult time communicating with each other? Do you feel that you have drifted apart or are not on the same page? No matter what you try, do most discussions end in an argument? Our couples and family therapists can help find new ways to communicate, and work through some of the issues to move forward.

Grief Counseling

Have you suffered the loss of someone special and are finding it difficult to move forward with your "new normal"? Whether your loss was very recent or long ago, we are here to help you adjust to the world without them while still keeping the connection.

Life Coaching

In this incredibly fast-paced world we can become overwhelmed with busyness and distraction. This can push our goals off course. If you feel you want to shift your goals or even change direction in your life, life coaching can help you establish attainable and realistic achievements, related to family, career or self-discovery.

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