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Counseling Services

Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Struggling with everyday life while trying to cope with anxiety, depression, or even both can make each day feel difficult to take on. Guidance through finding the right ways to manage this can be key to lifting the pressure that seems to weigh you down each day. 

Grief Counseling

Have you suffered the loss of someone special and are finding it difficult to move forward and find your "new normal"? Whether your loss was very recent or your are still struggling with the adjustment of life without your special person...we are here to help you adjust to the world without them while still keeping the connection. 

     Couples & Family Counseling

Are you and your partner having difficulty communicating with each other?  Do you feel that you have drifted apart or are just not on the same page?  Do you or your partner feel no matter how hard you try most discussions end in an argument?  Do you have a family member that you are struggling to connect with or feel they have withdrawn or changed recently?  Most couples and families face difficult times. Bringing different people with unique backgrounds, separate ways to cope with stress and change and their own perspectives can be challenging. Our couples and family therapy can help to find helpful and perhaps new ways to communicate with one another, as well as to work through some of the issues that have happened to best move forward in a healthy way.

Life Coaching

In this incredibly fast-past world we can become overwhelmed with busyness and distraction. This can push our goals off course. 

Sometimes we have so much going on we do not even set short-term or long-term goals for ourself. 

If you feel you want to shift your goals or even change direction in your life we can help you establish attainable and realistic achievements, which can be related to family, career, or self-discovery.

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