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Educational Services

On-Site Education

Has a boss, employee, co-worker, teacher, student, or other important part of an organization suffered the loss of a pregnancy, infant or child? The loss of a parent, grandparent or sibling? Has there been a traumatic loss of one of your own staff members? What does returning to work look like for you and others? Is there anxiety about how to provide the type of compassionate, supportive and healing environment while remaining professional?   Do you know what to say? When to say it? How to say it? What not to say? Should you get a gift? Not bring it up? 


All good questions - and how can anyone know the answer without the proper guidance. Death has been such a taboo topic in our society, however the culture is changing for us to be more open. The knowledge of how to do this is a call away.

SilverLeaf provides on-site trainings to staff and anyone else affected by the loss and provides tools and skills to feel confident welcoming back their colleague or student. Please Contact Heather J. Silver, LCSW-C, CPLC for information and rates. 

Lunch and Learns

Who do you refer your patients or staff to for specialized counseling? Did you know that there is a specialized dedicated practice for perinatal mood disorders and perinatal death?  SilverLeaf has a passion for the work done by perinatal loss professionals.  We are proud of our efforts to educate medical personnel around the world.

If you are in the Washington-Baltimore metro area and feel your hospital, clinic, or other organization would benefit from gaining insight about why these services are so important to staff, patients and families, please contact to schedule a lunch and learn with you or your staff for details. During this visit we will remove stigmas about grief, provide researched data regarding the need for this type of work and provide local resources for patients and staff. We specialize in educating health professionals to provide the tools they need to help parents and families at their most difficult time.

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